Gmail Tip: You can easily create email aliases using gmail

Many people do not know about this cool little feature for Gmail accounts and hosted Google apps accounts. I have found three great uses for Gmail aliases:

  1. When registering for email subscription list and have concerns about my address being shared without permission
  2. Registering for accounts on the web and I don’t want to my primary address
  3. Testing the registration process on development projects

Here is how it works. Simply add a plus sign like this: and the email will be sent to If you have a hosted domain, it looks like

You can then apply filters inside your Gmail account to route the addresses to folders like subscriptions, junk, testing, etc.

Hope that is a cool tip for you. Do you have any other cool Gmail tips?


  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m going to implement it right now.
    Kudos to the writer!

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