Six Tips for Managing Your Prospect Database (CRM).

another order for buckets of grassIt is far more economical to turn prospects into customers than it is to create new prospects, so your existing database should be a primary focus at all times.  And while you’re at it, why not take the time to review your processes and make sure that your data has the utmost integrity and can be fully leveraged as things begin to turn.  After all, we create the worst habits during the best of times, so now may be time to hunker down and really get your processes refined and your data cleaned up.

Regardless of the strength of your CRM system, it is critical to understand that the people involved in the process will be the key factor in the integrity and accuracy of the data the system provides.  When I was a CRM Consultant, we asked our clients to make sure that all parties involved hold the integrity of the data to the highest priority.  Without accurate data, the accuracy of your system is flawed.

So here are six easy buckets of information that you need to be collecting.

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