Do you make things happen or wait for things to happen?

Have you ever really thought about it?  Being patient and being proactive are both great virtues, but they rarely exist in tandem. When you face a decision do you attack it or let it play itself out? Which route do you normally take?  Where has either approach worked or backfired on you? No right or wrong, just curious as to what works for you.


  1. I think that we wisdom and experience we can both push and let things play themselves out.

    This is especially necessary on things we cannot control. We can start the process of making things happen, we can follow through conscientiously but we shouldn’t try to force things to happen in a certain way. I think it helps for us to be flexible because sometimes things follow their own path.

  2. I agree, their is a balance between the two and an art to knowing when to push and when to ride it out. How are things going with your business?

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