Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines. Don’t Let Them Kill Your Best Work.

In marketing, our worlds often revolve around the deadlines.  In the good ole’ days we called it “Chasing the FedEx truck” and at least we got to go home at 8pm.  But once bandwidth increased and we were sending work over email, we had 24 hours in the day to worry about deadlines, like it or not.

Although deadlines often drive our inspiration, on occasion arbitrary deadlines cause us to turn in less than stellar work.  So the next time you are facing a deadline and you just aren’t there yet, ask yourself what the client really wants – great work late or poor work on time?

Clients will always remember that your work was wrong but they will rarely remember it was late.  The next time you know you need more time, be honest and tell them. Most reasonable clients will opt for better work and may even appreciate your honesty and transparency.

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  1. Jeff Yelton

    So very true.

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